Frequently Asked Questions

When is E-SCAPE open ?

We are closed Mondays and Tuesdays.  We do not offer training or riding sessions on Wednesdays unless you are part of an organised Group or Corporate booking. Training and Riding sessions for Individuals or small Groups are focussed into Thursdays, Fridays , Saturdays and Sundays.  You can call us on our main number 03330 117233 during the hours of 9.30am until 5.30pm Wednesdays to Sundays with any queries or booking requests.  Emails and booking requests via the website can be sent 24/7 and we aim to respond within 24 hours.

What Age do you accommodate ?

We train from Age 8 years old and upwards.  We run two class categories 8-12 years and 13-Adult.  The 8-12 year olds are generally kept on the Beginners Circuit.  The 13-Adult will be taken onto the Advanced Circuit unless it is felt they would be safer on the Beginners Circuit once the Electric Basic class is complete.


Is E-SCAPE a MotoCross Track ?

NO. E-SCAPE is a purpose built leisure track designed for electric off-road motorcycles. Our tracks have a hard-packed surface with modest jumps suited to the bikes and for getting the most thrills without being excessively risky.  Our track is designed to be easy to ride but still technically challenging as one's confidence and speed increases.  There are NO racing events at E-SCAPE though we will occasionally run time-trials i.e timed laps.  For those wanting to try conventional (petrol-powered!) off-road motorcycling and racing, we would recommend that you contact WOR Events.


Can I bring my own Petrol-Powered off-road motorcycle ?

NO.  E-SCAPE is only for Electric Motorcycles.


Can I bring my own electric off-road motorcycle ?

At this stage, E-SCAPE is only for training and bike hire using our own electric motorcycles.  However, we may in the future provide Track-Only time for Electric Motorcycles that are purchased through E-SCAPE or via seperate agreement with Electric Motorcycle owners.  If you have a suitable electric motorcycle or high performance electric downhill bike (e.g Stealth Bomber) then call us to register your interest in 'Track-Only' time.


Do I need to be able to already ride a motorcycle ?

It would be an advantage – though not essential.  However, we do require that participants can ride a bicycle (without stabilisers !)


I'm booked on a training course or I've hired a bike and it starts to rain - can I cancel ?

No, unless it is extreme weather that would be dangerous, we teach, ride and hire bikes no matter what the weather is doing.  We provide waterproof over-jackets as part of the training or hire equipment but you should also dress appropriately (see below).  Riding off-road is about learning to mentally and physically deal with all types of riding conditions.  Our Cafe will also give you the perfect place to dry off and warm up with a fine selection of hot drinks and energy-packed snacks . . . . .(of course you need that extra choc-chip muffin !)


Do Participants need to sign a Disclaimer ?

Yes - you can see the general content of the disclaimer here.


What Riding Gear does E-SCAPE provide ?

As part of the training classes and bike hire, we provide the main safety equipment of Helmets, Boots, Gloves and Goggles.  We can also provide a lightweight waterproof overjacket to protect against rain and mud.  We  request that you wear hard-wearing, loose-fitting clothes such as jeans and sweatshirt.  We also advise a fairly thick pair of socks (such as sports socks) to wear with the boots.


Do you provide on-site showers ?

No.  The course is largely hardpack and not excessively muddy so the need for a shower to wash mud off is minimal.  We do provide a wash basin in the changing area to wash hands after riding and before returning to the café area.


Is there On-Site Parking ?

Yes, please make sure you park within the marked parking bays to maximize the number of cars we can accommodate in our car park.  We also have a specific area for Motorcycle Parking as well as bicycle parking.


Can I bring Friends and Family to spectate ?

Of course.  We have a purpose built café and terrace from which spectators can see virtually all of the track area.  Spectators are not allowed to walk around the course or perimeter of the track as this is potentially dangerous and distracting for riders – visitors must stay in the café or viewing terrace.  NO PETS such as dogs can be brought onto the site for safety reasons.


Will you hold Children’s Parties ?

Yes.  The nature of our activity means that the children attending the party should be in the 8-12 year age group and ideally be able to at least ride a bicycle without stabilisers.  The Party size is limited to a max of 6 children taking part in the activity though more non-participating children can be accommodated in the Cafe.  The Party session will take the group through the Electric Basic course and encourage them to be riding freely on the Junior circuit.


What happens if there is an accident and I get injured ?

We do all we can to minimse the risk of injury though off-road motorcycling can be hazardous and accidents can happen.  Our Instructors are trained in First Aid so immediate assistance can be provided.  However, if further medical assistance is required, we are close (5 miles) to both Halton and Warrington Hospitals so their help is close at hand.