Training - Super-Charge

For 12 or over and have been through the Electric Basics course, you will have developed some basic riding techniques to get up and running. But further training is required to go on the Advanced Circuit. This intensive 20 minute 'Super-Charge' class will add extra levels of skill and confidence to your riding and provide plenty of track time on both the Short Circuit and our Main Track.

*Teenage bikes require a minimum rider height of 5' 3" - these bikes are also limited so please call if you are specifically booking for Teenage training.

If you wish to enquire about mid-week training sessions, please call us to arrange a suitable day and time.

You will soon be able to purchase training sessions and bike hire online.
In the meantime, please fill out the above form and click 'Send Booking Request' below. We will respond by phone or email ASAP. Alternatively, please call us on 03330 117233. Thank you.'