• Prepare Yourself . . . Learn to ride off-road with our ACU Approved Instructors. 
  • Our Electric Motorcycles make it easier . . . No clutch or gears to worry about. 
  • From Electric Basic to Super-Charged . . . we have courses to suit a range of abilities. 

Electric Basic

£20.00 Compulsory for all ages

This 30-45 minute lesson is the first step to get up and running at E-Scape. Here you will learn the essential technical features and controls of the electric motorcycle before moving on to learning how to ride these incredibly fun machines. For safety reasons, this course is COMPULSORY prior to any bike hire no matter how experienced a rider you are. Upon successful completion of this course you will be issued with an E-SCAPE Membership number which will allow further training classes and the hire of bikes for the main track.

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Short-Circuit Club

£20.00 From ages 8-12 years old

After successful completion of the Electric Basic course, book your 8-12 year old child onto our Short-Circuit club for regular 20 minute riding sessions at mid-day on Saturdays or Sundays. Our Junior / Beginners track will be exclusively used for the Short-Circuit class and will be observed by staff members who can offer further guidance to riders.

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£14.00 For Ages 12 and up

For 12 or over and have been through the Electric Basics course, you will have developed some basic riding techniques to get up and running. But further training is required to go on the Advanced Circuit. This intensive 20 minute 'Super-Charge' class will add extra levels of skill and confidence to your riding and provide plenty of track time on both the Short Circuit and our Main Track.

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